"nAtuRal hisTory" on display at Sternberg Museum

“nAtuRal hisTory” on display at Sternberg Museum

artist with "Palimpsest"

Last weekend, I made a whirlwind trip to western Kansas to install “nAtuRal hisTory: the intersection of art and science” at the Sternberg Museum of Natural History in Hays, Kansas. My work is on display with Danielle L Robinson, whose vision of water and the sea is imaginative and inspiring. We spent several years together in a cramped studio space in Graduate School, and I like to think that the similarities in our work reflect that! The exhibit runs from Sept 24 – Feb 24. Here are a few pictures from the installation…

vinyl didactic courtesy of the skilled Kacey Callihan

Danielle's "Seafloor" in the foreground, my "Pollen Vectors" behind

earthenware, coffee, green tea, hibiscus tea

installation view 1

installation view 2

Danielle's paintings and sculpture on the floor, my "Rose Ring" on the wall

my latest work... "Palimpsest"


"Stem Cells" ... white stoneware, red stoneware, porcelain, iron rod